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Justin Oestreich – “Go Karts and A-Strike Nation”

As soon as I arrive at the Oestreich residence, I am greeted and led into a race lover’s paradise! To my right is a garage with a couple of Justin’s Racecars and to my left is another garage with 4 Go Karts and a slot car racetrack the size of my living room! I have to try and contain my excitement, and remind myself that I am here for an interview, not to stick my nose on the glass and drool all over the toys. Read more

Denis Czech – “The Menace”

The racing had yet to begin, and a few cars were warming up on the track at Granite City Speedway. Brian Reidemann, the flagman, jumped on a four-wheeler and began pushing the tractor tires into place on the inside of turn 1. As he worked his way past me, I watched a blue and white B-Mod use his front bumper to push the tires back into the infield. I could see a huge smile behind the visor of the drivers helmet. After he pushed a couple tires, he flew around and flashed Brian a guilty smile. Brian looked back at the tires and chuckled to himself. Something stood out at this moment to me. These guys are goofballs, and then I saw the writing underneath that Captain America inspired #2 graphic. It read, “THE MENACE”.

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Did Someone Say Kid’s Night?!

There was something different about Granite City Speedway tonight. For one thing, it was a Sunday, and I was at the track before 5pm. That in itself brought back sweet memories of my first few races as a photographer here at GCS last year. I was nervous. I didn’t know who I was supposed to talk to or where I was supposed to be or not be. I had never photographed a speeding car, and I didn’t know one person in this entire city other than my girlfriend. Read more

Mud and grit at Granite City Speedway

I pulled my camera battery out of the charger and glanced out the window. The wind was picking up and the sunshine had all but gone. Not on race day! I ran upstairs, grabbed Jackie and we quickly dismantled the laundry from the clothesline just in time before the rain came through. The weather looked tricky. A couple quick storms and then clear. Would they be racing tonight? I logged into Facebook and sure enough the races were still set to take place, so I grabbed my gear and headed to the track. Read more