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Keith Thell – “The Streak Continues”

As I stood on the inside barrier at Granite City Speedway with my camera, the Mod Fours screamed around the track. The white 00T car slowly worked its way up through traffic. I wondered if the streak would stay alive? As the checkers flew and the dust settled, Keith Thell pulled into the infield and drove his car into victory lane, where it had been parked after all 11 races so far in the 2015 season. That’s right! As he had done for the previous 10 races, Keith hops out of his car, gives the crowd a wave and stands with the checkers flag and his trophy, cracking a half smile for the camera. Read more

Denis Czech – “The Menace”

The racing had yet to begin, and a few cars were warming up on the track at Granite City Speedway. Brian Reidemann, the flagman, jumped on a four-wheeler and began pushing the tractor tires into place on the inside of turn 1. As he worked his way past me, I watched a blue and white B-Mod use his front bumper to push the tires back into the infield. I could see a huge smile behind the visor of the drivers helmet. After he pushed a couple tires, he flew around and flashed Brian a guilty smile. Brian looked back at the tires and chuckled to himself. Something stood out at this moment to me. These guys are goofballs, and then I saw the writing underneath that Captain America inspired #2 graphic. It read, “THE MENACE”.

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