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How to Build a Climbing Anchor – Where’s the Love

There are a few things that will get you a lot of criticism on Youtube. One is trying to teach people how to filet a fish, another is how to setup a climbing top rope anchor. As I was surfing across videos to get some ideas on creative ways to set up top ropes, I noticed the massive amounts of┬ádislikes these videos were receiving. I started to read the comments on the videos and realized that everyone is an expert when it comes to this topic! I would be terrified to share my opinion on the subject. So here goes…. haha! Read more

Landscapes and Happiness

7 minute Read

“Bling Bling, what? Bling Bling, huh, where the hell? I peeled back the covers from my face and was greeted with the inside of a dark tent. The wind was screaming in the tree tops, and I felt the cold air hit my face. I opened my phone and saw the time. 5:00 am.” Read more