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How to Build a Climbing Anchor – Where’s the Love

There are a few things that will get you a lot of criticism on Youtube. One is trying to teach people how to filet a fish, another is how to setup a climbing top rope anchor. As I was surfing across videos to get some ideas on creative ways to set up top ropes, I noticed the massive amounts of┬ádislikes these videos were receiving. I started to read the comments on the videos and realized that everyone is an expert when it comes to this topic! I would be terrified to share my opinion on the subject. So here goes…. haha! Read more

Landscapes and Happiness

7 minute Read

“Bling Bling, what? Bling Bling, huh, where the hell? I peeled back the covers from my face and was greeted with the inside of a dark tent. The wind was screaming in the tree tops, and I felt the cold air hit my face. I opened my phone and saw the time. 5:00 am.” Read more

Sierra Blair-Coyle at Climb Iowa


While shooting a music video for Brad Reiman, Sierra Blair-Coyle (the wonderful co-star in the video) was taking a break to hit up the Twitter sphere to announce that she was visiting good old Iowa. The Climb Iowa Gym picked up on the tweet and invited Sierra to hand out awards at their ongoing competition. The shoot was going way ahead of schedule so Sierra excitedly rushed over to Grimes, Iowa to hand out awards and meet some of her adoring young fans. At the gym we noticed that there had been a bulletin board with Sierra’s photos posted up by one of her fans.

I haven’t followed the sport of rock climbing to far outside of watching YouTube videos of amazing climbs, but from what I saw this weekend, I would say that Sierra is an amazing ambassador to the sport, and has a very bright future within it.


I also must note that I am very jealous that these young people in the Des Moines area have such an amazing place to go climb.

Keep Climbing!