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Painting an Old Friend with Light

Vmax B&W

This weekend I had a chance to visit the past with an old friend. When my father passed away in 2010, he left behind his 20th Edition Vmax. My Mom would ride everywhere with my Dad on the back of this beautiful bike. It was nearly 10 years ago when he got the bike and I can still remember my parents motoring down the driveway together, sharing those special moments that are so important in this life. Read more

First BMX Experience

_DSC8397 copy


Tonight was my first experience photographing BMX riders in action! These guys and gals really put it down. It was just a practice session for them but they went at it anyways and it looks like they had a ton of fun out there. I must say I am a bit jealous I never had a track to ride like this when I was growing up.

_DSC8347 copy


It is amazing how competitive they are from the top all the way to the new riders just getting used to the track. I want to wish good luck to everyone out there. Ride Strong!

_DSC8175 copy

Thanks to Pineview Park Bmx for allowing me the opportunity to shoot and to the riders for making the sport as cool as it is.

You can check out more photos on the McCreight Photo Factory Facebook Page.