The Lone Seagull

Sea Gull Chicago

Standing on the shores of the sea, staring at a lone seagull perched on a throne of sand, and rock glued together by a man I do not know. I can’t help but look out on the horizon and wonder what its vastness holds. Adventure, beauty, nothing? And the feelings of excitement, curiosity, anxiousness, and even fear that it pulls from the depths of me. Would I have the guts to journey into the unknown, full of beautiful mystery, and storms that would threaten if I would ever see land again? Would I find myself out there or be lost to the sea like so many before me? Maybe it is just safer to stay ashore and never take that first swift stroke of water towards the horizon. And while I get lost in the depths of my thoughts and search for consciousness, I remember that this isn’t the sea at all. This is Lake Michigan, and that’s a Ring Billed Gull standing on the piece of stone put together by a hard working Chicago resident. It turns out things aren’t always as they seem, but never stop exploring.


Technical Details

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P7800

Focal Length: 14 mm

Shutter Speed: 1/60

F Number: 3.2

ISO: 80


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