Street Stock Special Granite City Speedway


I have only photographed these drivers two weekends and one thing is clear. Landon Atkinson will be a hard name to forget. He won his first feature victory during my first race as a photographer, and he one the second as well. Congrats to you Landon. The night was beautiful and the cars put on a show as usual.



The drivers really put it down tonight. I would contend that this is the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening, mosquitos be damned. The night was great and the cars were fast. Congrats to Landon Atkinson,  Dan Gullikson,  Ryan Johnson, Tim Johnson, Kyle Thell, Jake Hagemann, Tim Lavoi, and Darin Lenk for their wins tonight. I can see that remembering all these drivers names won’t be too hard. Can’t wait till next weekend. And with that, I will leave you with some more interesting shots from the night.

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See you all next Sunday!