Opening Night at Granite City Speedway 2015

It has been a long winter. I have been sitting around in my long johns waiting for the race season to begin, and finally it has arrived. Granite City Speedway was alive again! This is my first year as the official track photographer, which means I actually have responsibility. I will do everything possible to bring you all great photos week after week.

The Green Flag drops!

The races have moved to Friday nights, and I couldn’t wait to get out and start chasing the cars around the track with my lens. It was a great first night!

Rough n Tough

During the off season Granite City Speedway made some changes. The before mentioned night change, new front stretch lights and some new clay. I am sure many of the fans and drivers were just as happy as I was to have a well lit front stretch. It looked great out there. The clay proved to be a problem, but the racing was still great and the track will get it put back together for sure. Those drivers are tough and a little bouncing around didn’t stop them.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson was fast as usual to start off the season as well as many other familiar faces. The weather was perfect, the mosquitos have yet to rise and if you were watching closely you might have witnessed Dean Larson doing his best Helio Castroneves impression.

Dean Larson

I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

I will be posting up the Prints for Sale on this website in the near future. Follow along on Facebook or Twitter and I will announce when they are up.

Thanks for coming and see you next weekend!


Checkered Flag