One Wyoming Morning

HDR rocky lake small copy watermark

With my alarm clock ringing in my ear, I forced one eye open then the other. I sat up, looked out the window, and saw nothing but darkness, snow, and wind. Not a good day to be outside. I sat there wondering if it would be worth my time to drive 40 minutes in the storm to the Buffalo Bill Reservoir in Cody, Wyoming to try to capture an image. I had told myself along time ago that the worst days can sometimes be the best days as a photographer. Just have to go for it. I put on two pairs of socks, long underwear, and all the other articles you can imagine to keep me warm (windy Wyoming is no joke), grabbed my camera equipment and headed to my car. I was greeted with sleet, wind, and frigid cold. As I headed down US Highway 14 from Powell to Cody, I noticed the ice building up on the roads. People were staying home today and I was heading to the lake to make photos! What is wrong with me.

As I pulled up to the reservoir, the frustration started to set in. The sky was completely covered with clouds. Not an ounce of sun was peaking in. I sat in the car wondering what to do next. I had already forced myself out of bed, put on all these clothes, and risked my life on the road. I better at least crawl out on the rocks and try to make an image.

Down on the rocks now, I set up my tripod and camera and started clicking away. Everything was flat and uninspiring but then I saw something. I looked west towards the mountains and saw a break in the clouds. Not a big one but a break non the less. This could be my chance. I looked at my watch and saw that the sun had risen (although you couldn’t tell with the deep cloud cover). As the break in the clouds moved in front of my frame the rocks were lit up and I snapped 3 images. After that the clouds filled back in and the sun wasn’t seen again the rest of the day.

Next time the outcome looks bleak, and you want to stay in bed, remember that your shot might be out there. Don’t miss it and live a life without regret!