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The Best Days

I’m sitting here in front of my computer sipping on some coffee while I think back on the fondest memories of my life. As a youngster many hours were spent after school riding my dirt bike in the woods or cutting trails. I think of all the times I played catch outside with Dad, vacations and hikes with my family. Wonderful days were spent in and on the water, hanging at the beach, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and Grandpa, Taking walks, biking, climbing, snow sledding down our giant hill into the woods with my sister and countless other memories fill my mind. It’s clear that most of my greatest memories take place outdoors. Read more

8 Instagram Feeds That Will Give You Wanderlust

All I see is miles of pristine ocean water pinched between two vertical extruding rocks. Big white clouds float gracefully overhead, while my sailboat bobs up and down in the sun soaked harbor. I notice my deeply tanned skin as I pick up my camera to capture the view. The camera viewfinder comes up to my eye, and framed perfectly, is my beautiful wife, paddling toward the boat on a Stand Up Paddle board. With open ocean in one direction, and a white sandy beach in the other, I’m completely surrounded by beautiful green water. Off in the distance I hear the low hum of a boat jetting across the water somewhere. Then I have to ask myself, “Is this a dream?”. Read more